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How did you get that?

My twins are now 22 months! I honestly can not believe we have survived the last 22 months. It’s getting a little easier. They are walking to the van on their own, so I don’t need to carry the babies in the car seats and break my back anymore. (Yay!) So that’s the good news. The bad news; they are EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING!

Anthony learned how to climb the ladder to the top bunk. He can also climb into Samantha’s crib. He is a little spider monkey! I went into the kitchen the other day and he was sitting in the cabinet, with the door closed. It’s only the pots and pans cabinet, so he wasn’t in trouble. They get into the dish washer and pull out dishes. They also can reach on the counters now, so everything needs to be pushed all the way back. The drive me crazy!

You can’t leave anything important where they can reach it. You left your coffee on the table? Well, now the coffee is on the ground and your mug is broken. Remote on the coffee table? Good job, Paw Patrol is on and so are the captions. That’s right, they figured out how to get Paw Patrol on the TV! I’m really not sure how they do it, but they did. They lose their minds when it turns on! It’s really cute. Samantha dances and Anthony jumps all over the place. (Sorry for the tangent.) You left your phone somewhere? Now, you’re locked out for an hour. Purse on the table? Car keys are missing and so is your wallet. (They can also do zippers now, great!)

I’ve had to buy three new toothbrushes in the last 2 months because they climb onto the toilet and grab the brush holder. They hid my toothbrushes and the soap dispenser. About a week later, I was cleaning under the boys’ bed, and found the soap thing. But no toothbrushes. (It happens.)

They are extremely smart and cute, but they drive me crazy! Thanks for reading today, I hope you enjoyed!

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“Why is it so dark Mama?”

Yesterday we had the first snow fall of the season! It wasn’t supposed to be a terrible storm, but I ended up with about 3 inches.

We also lost power in the morning. It was only out for about 2 hours, which isn’t too bad. Except, my boys’ school also lost power. They were thrilled! a “snow day” in October. I was not as happy.

It also didn’t help that the coffee was not hot. I had one cup of hot coffee, right before the power went out, and then a few luke warm ones. Super bummer! I need coffee to function in the morning. Luckily, the power came back on at 0945, first thing I did was make another pot of coffee.

I had to deal with falling tree branches hitting my roof and freaking me out. I have two very old, giant trees in my backyard and they still had a ton of leaves on them. The first branch fell right above the window in the kitchen that I look out while doing dishes. That one scared me the most, it was loud and made the lights shake. The other two weren’t as terrible but still got my adrenalin flowing.

Really, not a big deal. I got dinner cooked, everyone ate, and I was doing the dishes. Hubby was watching Monday night football and power went out again! This time, it was really dark. The twins and boys got really scared and screamed. I scrambled to find a lighter and some candles.

A few minutes later our friends came over for game night. We hang out in the candle light for about 45 minutes. Now, I didn’t really care about the football game last night. I already lost my fantasy football matchup by 2 points on Sunday night.

I was, however, looking forward to the trailer for Star Wars VIII The Last Jedi! I realized we were going to miss it unless the power came back on. I started to say it aloud and the lights flickered back on! As if the Force, felt my pain and fixed the problem! Right as the dish reset and turned the game back on, the trailer started! I was very pleased with the timing and the trailer for my favorite movies.

Well that is really the only exciting thing that’s happened to me in a while. Thanks for reading today!

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Why do we have to learn what “hot” means the hard way?

Samantha (almost 20 months, where has the time gone?) learned what hot meant today. The twins are extremely curious and love to watch me cook. They will move chairs and stand on anything that is tall enough to see what’s on the counter. It is really cute, but it makes it difficult for me to cook some days. Keeping track of knives, hot pots and pans, and baby fingers.

I was cooking some eggs for the kids this morning, and Samantha was watching me like she always does. The eggs were finished, and I turned to put them on some plates, and that’s when the screaming started. I felt so terrible. I turned for just a few seconds. Her index and middle fingers touched the burner. She has two burns (not bad) on her little fingers. I’m not a nurse, but I definitely know how to handle kitchen burns. I put her fingers on ice, gave her some Tylenol, and I have an aloe plant in my kitchen window sill, just for that reason.

All my kiddos learned what hot meant the hard way. I’m sure I did as well, but why do we need to learn the lesson that way? James (4) grabbed my electric frying pan when he was about two. Luke (9) and Ronin (7) learned the burner way and Anthony (20 mon) learned by grabbing a frying pan.

I have a burn on my shoulder from a pot. Yes, you read that right. Anthony was trying to grab and pull down a pot of boiling water, I caught him just in time, saved him and the water, but got my shoulder. I have burn scars all over my hands and wrists from cooking. (Apparently I haven’t fully learned what hot means!) Ronin was cooking a couple months ago and got a burn on his hand. I put some aloe on it and encouraged him to keep cooking. Burns are a part of cooking, I guess.

Luke and Ronin like to cook, I’m so proud of them for that. James and the twins are always trying to get the veggies or cheese I’m chopping. I have never, ever cut their little fingers, mine always get it. (Knock on wood.) Haha. I have come close and had to yell at them because it’s scary.

In happier news, we promoted the twins from high chairs to the big table. They are starting to eat better and they love eating with us! They get so excited at dinner and love sitting next to Dada! Anthony will get his booster seat, that is 30 years old, put it in the chair and hang out like a big boy! I’m so glad we can all sit together and eat dinner.

Thanks for reading today and always keep aloe in your kitchen if you are as clumsy as me! (Haha!) I hope you have a great day!

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How are the Twins?


My twins are getting so big! They are already 19 months old.

They have already started the “terrible twos”. If you tell Samantha no, she throws a temper tantrum. And I mean a TANTRUM! She has got a pair of lungs and pipes. She is the loudest little child I know. Her ear-piercing scream could kill a monster from fifty feet away. I’m surprised the police don’t come to my house for noise complaints. I’m not sure how else I can describe the volume of her screams.

She also meows at any furry creature. Bunnies in the front yard, “Meow”. The dog, meow and when she sees the cat, she loses her mind with the meows. The other day, we were in the grocery store and she was just meowing. A couple of elderly ladies were laughing so hard at us. She stills loves to dance and started to sing along with the Paw Patrol theme song. It’s so sweet! She can say; Star Wars, football, Broncos, and of course, Paw Patrol.

She has the best facial expressions!

Anthony’s turn. He is such a pain. He can be very sweet, at times, but mostly just awful. He climbs on everything. He dances on the dining room table, steals remotes, and “flavors” coffee with everything he can find. He can make Samantha laugh and cry. The other morning, I woke up to laughter. That was the best way to start my day! They were both jumping in their cribs and laughing and yelling, “Ma-Ma”! He loves to play football with Daddy.

He loves meat, but is getting picky about other food. He is an escape artist! He can get out of his high chair and climbs into his sister’s. He’ll steal her food and sometimes, they will share their dinners. He will climb into my lap and sit still for a few minutes, but that’s about all I get. He’s had one hair cut already and is due for another. They both have curly hair, and I’m not even sure where that came from. My hair isn’t curly at all, neither is hubby’s.

I still cannot believe it’s been 19 months of stress, no sleep, and double the love, hugs, and kisses.

They also figured out that Mama can not go two directions at the same time. So they split up, and make me run to catch them. I went to the liquor store the other day and I had James (4) and the twins, with no cart or car seats. Mama needed beer. Long story short, I ended up carrying both babies and the case of beer. James was holding on to Anthony’s leg because I didn’t have enough hands. This walk to the mini van, was not very far, but it was very trying. The man with the motorcycle parked next to me, said “That was amazing!” He called me a super hero. I told him I had to go get the other two boys from school and his jaw dropped. It was a pretty good feeling.

Well, that’s all I have time to talk about today. I still need to shower, dishes, and laundry before they wake up from their nap. Thanks for reading and I hope you have an awesome day!



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I have to talk to people?

Apologies in advance if this post is scatter-brained. I have been thinking a lot about the people in my life. I also have to go my hubby’s co-worker’s wedding tomorrow. I’m not a fan of crowds of people and meeting new people.

Hubby and I went to a baseball game last month and I had 3 panic attacks. There were way too many people I didn’t know. When I was younger, you could drop me into a crowd, and I’d come out with 5 new friends. Now, I don’t even like going to the mall. Too many people, cars, and whatever else triggers my anxiety. I basically stay in my house’s bubble and I am content with that. (Mostly)

Tomorrow, I want to look amazing. I want hubby’s co-workers to be jealous of his beautiful, awesomely nerdy wife. Think what you want, but I am very self-conscious. I also know how awesome a wife and person I can be. Here’s the rub; I don’t like meeting or talking to new people anymore. I really don’t. I will only know hubby for sure. There might be the random one, maybe two, people that also know the bride and groom.

I have very few people I consider friends. The ones I have, I’ve known for a LONG time (and you know who you are) and the ones, I made a few years ago and have proven themselves to be worthy. (I know that sounds conceded, but I really don’t let many people in.) I also know, that if I call you a friend, I will be there for you! I had a buddy, he was having so many problems, just bad days. He came over to my house and we talked and drank and I tried my best to help him.

I also don’t sugar coat my feelings. If you have earned the title friend, I’ll tell you exactly how I feel and why I feel it. You came to my house because you knew this. That is what you needed to hear. I also don’t care if you take my advice or not. It’s your life! Come here, listen to what I have to say, and take it or leave it. PERIOD. But know, I will still be there for you no matter what.

I will never judge you. Chances are, our roles were reversed at some point. I came to you with a problem and you listened, told me what you thought, and didn’t judge. And that is why we are still friends. The very few new friends I’ve made, have been very good to me. They understand my anxiety when leaving my house, or they just understand how much work it can be to leave my house.

I also have a very viscous side. If you Betray my friendship, we are done.

I will not tolerate poison in my life.

This post definitely got away from me.

I hope you made it through this post and my random thoughts and ravings. I really do hope you have an awesome day!

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Did you make this mess?

Look at those faces! Of course they made a mess, and I have the pictures to prove it. My twins are the messiest kids on the planet. Within the last few days they took every book we’ve ever known and threw them on the floor! It took me 15 minutes to clean it up. I was getting them ready for bed, and walked into a disaster. They “helped” clean up the mess, but still drove me crazy. Then, when I was finally done, I got the sweetest smile from Samantha.

So the next day, they were being quiet, too quiet. I let James watch some TV in my room. I went back there to get all the kids ready to go get their brothers from school, and walked into this:

That’s right, they took one 1000 piece puzzle and a 500 piece puzzle and dumped them both all over the ground! 1500 tiny pieces thrown all over my floor! I was lucky (I guess) because one of the puzzles had shiny pieces. The other was one of the photo ones, with tiny pictures in each piece. I am not sure what I would have done if they were the same type of puzzle. It took me an hour and a half to clean up and sort all those pieces. I am still finding them.

My twins are definitely little mess makers, but they sure all cute!

This is a short post today, I just wanted to share the joys of motherhood and having twins.

Thanks for reading today!

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Is Technology Killing the American Family?


I grew up watching “Leave it to Beaver” and wished I could grow up and be like June Cleaver. And then I started to get a little older and wanted the career and not so much the family. Eventually, I wanted to have both. Not just a career, but the dream, of never “working” another day. And then I had 5 kids, and couldn’t afford the daycare, so I stay home now.

So, what does this have to do with technology?

Well, technology gave me this idea of how to be the “perfect” stay at home mom. An idea that is IMPOSSIBLE to live up too! I grew up thinking that I could vacuum in pearls, heels, and a dress! Ha, I’m lucky if I put real pants on that day.

That dinner would be perfectly ready the moment my husband comes home from work. That he would come in the door, happy, and yell, “Honey, I’m home!” Are you kidding me? But that’s how I pictured it.

Here’s how it really goes.

He walks in and; the house is still destroyed, the twins are crying, and the boys are fighting. I’m stressed because all of those things have been happening, all day. Hopefully, I remembered to take some meat out of the freezer so I can actually cook something delicious, or it’s spaghetti night again. (Which reminds me…)

The Cleavers’ didn’t have cell phones, video games, iPads etc. I’m pretty sure they had a TV. One TV, and the whole family, or Dad, got to pick the program they watched. (Kinda the same now…ish) But they never watched it during dinner! They talked to each other and ate at the same table! I (usually) make sure we at least sit down and eat together. The TV, is usually still on however.

Not this bad…yet! (Although, it was supposed to be 2 years ago)

Here comes the nasty part.

My hubby and I got into a huge fight yesterday because of technology, on technology! We started fighting through text message, which by the way, I fucking HATE! I want to be able to hear your voice, the small inflections in your tone. And emojis do not work! I also want to look at your face when you are talking or listening to whatever it is we are arguing about. I get, it’s so convenient, but one wrong autocorrect, could destroy a marriage!

I got mad because he is almost always on his phone, playing the Xbox, or watching whatever he wants to watch on the TV. I’m guilty as well, I enjoy playing some games on my phone, but not all the time. Could you image Ward Cleaver coming home on his phone while June was cooking and caring for kids? That wouldn’t fly!

Sometimes I don’t mind when he plays his video games, it usually gives me a chance to read for a while. But that’s only going to work until winter. I’m not going to sit outside freezing to death, reading while he plays games, nice and cozy. I generally can’t sit inside and read because, (any one who knows a gamer) he’s screaming at the TV or talking to the other players. Very distracting while trying to read a fantasy book that’s 1000 pages long!

After our all day text fight, he came home from work, sat down and played on his phone. Look I get you need to unwind for a few minutes after a rough day. The problem was, I was trying to get everyone’s dinner ready and wanting to continue the argument. So, I finished cooking and we ate in silence. After dinner, we worked it out.

I still have to wonder if technology is killing our family dynamics?

I’d love to hear input on the subject! Thanks for reading today, have a good one!



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Back to school schedule?

My boys are finally heading back to school tomorrow! It’s about time too. Most of the other districts have been back for at least a week, if not two. I tried to get the boys back on the school bedtime schedule last week, but it is not an easy task.

As a mom, I also have to get back in the school schedule as well. Let me explain what I knew. I have not been doing the dishes after dinner, I started waiting until nap time for the twins. It was easier, I could relax after dinner and not worry about the mess. However, if I try to do that during the school year, I get cranky because there is no counter space in the morning. I need the space in the morning to make breakfast and lunches. So I have to get better about that. I also need to make sure that dinner is ready earlier than I have been for the summer vacation.

Luke (9) is starting fourth grade already and Ronin (7) is going into second. I’m really hoping they stop teaching that common core math shit. And that I will be able to help with homework without losing my patience. The school is going to provide glasses for tomorrow’s eclipse. They are going to learn about and see the eclipse the right way. I was hoping they would make the cereal box contraption, but since it’s the first day, I don’t think they will.

Well, here’s hoping for a great school year and patience for me.

Thanks for reading today!

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I cannot believe how big they are getting! It’s been 18 months already. I know I bitch about them and how much trouble they get into, but I love them so much anyway. My new background picture only took one take! The twins were still smiling so I wanted to capture the moment of stillness and smiles. Love my babies!!!

cropped-img_0872.jpgThis one was about a year ago!


And today, such a huge difference!

A few days old
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Why is everything wet? Part II

Here is an update on the plumbing situation in my house and the humorous wet parts of my everyday life.

So my twins love to get into trouble. If there is something wet, anywhere, they will find it and spill it. Coffee, beer, water, milk, or juice, they will spill it if you let them. I woke up one morning, and Samantha (19 mon) was soaking wet, head to toe. She had spilled the dog’s water bowl all over the floor and rolled around in it? I honestly don’t even know how she got so wet. Anthony loves to “flavor” coffee with LEGOS, crayons, and whatever he can find really.

They also learned how to open the dishwasher. They will open the door, stand on it, and take the dishes out. (Whether the dishes are clean, dirty, or dry.) They take their bottles and spill the milk all over. I have streaks of milk down my sliding glass doors, windows, TV stand, just everywhere. I honestly cannot keep up with the amount of messes they make.

Anthony, for some weird reason, likes to put his bottle into another cup and walks around using both. Well, he decided to do that the other day, put there was water already in the cup, so that spilled all over him. They also spilled some cereal milk all over themselves. They are getting WAY too smart. They will grab a stool and carry it to the counter and get whatever they need off the counter.

Surprisingly, when the plumbers fixed the pipes, there were no toys in the drains! The roots outside are causing the blockage. (Huge bummer) They had to remove most of the carpeting downstairs and they are working on the walls later today. We called Roto Rooter and they are doing a really good job with the clean up. They are extremely nice guys, which puts me at ease because I have all five of my children.

School finally starts Monday (thank God!) I can’t wait to get my TV back from the boys.

Thanks for reading today, I hope you are having a good one!